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Dave Soddy

Dave Soddy

Personal Training

Personal Trainer

  • BS Degree from UW-Stevens Point
  • Health/Wellness Lifestyle Development Specialist Program
  • 2.5 years managing a health club in Stevens Point
  • Over 25 years as a certified high school track and volleyball coach 
  • 5 years running the High School Summer School Weight program 
  • Certified Aguacize instructor and a Certified Pool Operator for over 20 years
  • Oversaw the entire fitness staffs at 2 Recreation Dept and a YWCA

1.) What are your hobbies outside the club?
Volleyball and Hockey. Watch my children participate in their activities. Coaching High school and youth sports!

2.) What are your favorite TV shows or movies?
TV: Seinfeld, Alf, and Mash
Movie: Titanic

3.) What is your favorite vacation spot?
Florida and Heyward

4.) Who are your favorite musicians?
Eagles, B-52s, and Queen

5.) What is your favorite inspirational quote?
"Failing to plan is a plan to fail."