Jenni Lunsford

Training Philosophy:
My Training Philosophy is to help my clients find success in learning progress over perfection. My goal to to help my clients feel comfortable and find motivation and excitement in going outside of their comfort zone as they work toward reaching their fitness goals. I strive to help my clients find balance as well as personal growth and learn ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into all areas of their everyday life.

“If you change nothing, nothing will change”
“Consistency is Key”
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Injury Rehabilitation and prevention, Rehabilitation following Medical Concerns/complications, Fitness Nutrition, Senior Training, and Rehab, Strength Training

I am passionate about demonstrating a life and attitude of gratitude, intentionality, and healthy balance to my clients, my family, and my children. I am passionate about connecting with my clients in order to help them become aware of their strengths and weaknesses in order to build on those and achieve results and lifelong habits! Failure is not a bad thing, it only means you were brave enough to try!

ISSA Elite Personal Trainer Certification, Physical Therapist Assistant, Fitness Nutrition, Group Fitness

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