Best Indoor Cycling Classes in Janesville

Ready for a workout that focuses on endurance, strength, and intervals? Try a cycling class at the Janesville Athletic Club!

Spin classes are a great cardio workout, and with music and high-energy, certified instructors, you’ll stay motivated as you work hard to burn calories and tone muscles.

All group fitness classes, including cycling, are free for members.


Cycling is a challenging group class that you control! You choose the speed, resistance and intensity levels of your bike for exercise that works best for you. Traverse hills and sprint across flats accompanied by high-octane music and neon lights. Can you keep up with the pack?

Strength 40%
Cardio 90%
Endurance 85%

Cycling for Beginners

Just getting started as a serious cyclist? These basic classes help beginning riders start at their own pace. An instructor-led class, Cycling for Beginners is the first step toward improved cardio health, endurance, and calorie-burn.

Strength 30%
Cardio 80%
Endurance 75%

Join a Class Today!

Our indoor cycling studio is a fun and dynamic environment!  We play music and dim the lights — and the neon feature will keep you motivated as you pedal to keep up with the pack.

Check the group schedule to find the cycling classes that work best with your busy day.

Your Goal is Our Mission!

The Janesville Athletic Club has been locally owned and operated since 1985, and is consistently voted Janesville’s Best Fitness Center. With the friendliest, most helpful staff in the area, you’ll have fun meeting your fitness goals in a supportive and motivating environment. Don’t settle for just any local gym, become a member of the club that’s voted #1 in Janesville, WI every year. Join the best fitness center near you and change your life today!

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