Success Stories

Anthony Babcock

I have been a member at JAC since February but started my weight loss journey in March of this
year. Since then I have lost 110 pounds just from regular exercise and portion
control. I went from a 4x down to a large in clothing and even that is starting to get
loose on me. I’ve been coming to the facility 2 times a day every day since
March. Weight lift in the morning. High intensity cardio and calisthenics at
night. The biggest struggle for me was fighting through the aches and
pains telling me to stay in bed. But I stuck with it and it has changed my
life. I no longer need a sleep apnea machine to help me breathe at night and I
have enlisted in the United States Navy and ship out October 9th. The staff at
the athletic club have been nothing but wonderful and I’m going to miss every
single one of them when I’m forced to get memberships else where in the country
on my new adventures. I can’t thank the athletic club enough for their support
and helping me follow my dreams in being a United States Sailor.

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