Success Stories

Amber Gray

After putting off eating healthy and exercising regularly for almost a year, I finally went in to get a fitness consultation in January 2016, in order to get fit by the time my destination wedding came around. A personal trainer and nutrition consultant took me through the steps of the exercise and diet plan I needed to follow to accomplish my goals. I began eating healthy and utilized group classes and Alloy training sessions in order to lose over 30 lbs.

I also took part in the JAC/Basics weight loss challenge, which kept me motivated throughout those 4 months. By my wedding, I fit in my dress and felt great! After coming back from my wedding, I continued to utilize the Janesville Athletic Club’s services, and am working to accomplish my ultimate weight loss goal by my wedding reception this July. Only 25 lbs. to go! Thank you JAC for helping me achieve my goals and have a memorable wedding!

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