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Deanna Considine

I have always been an eater, guilty. It’s hard to remember that I want to eat to live, not live to eat. I comfortably sat around 170lbs for the longest time and then I got pregnant.. After having my (now 8 year old)daughter I stayed around 225lbs for over 3 years before I realized I had gotten to an uncomfortable weight. The group fitness classes were a huge start to my weight loss journey because I was having so much fun being active with super fun instructors. I later ventured into the rest of the club and the weight slowly kept coming off. The more I worked out the more I noticed I cared about what I was eating(I wanted to make that workout count toward my progress). I got down in my 140’s and couldn’t have been happier! BUT I am the worst type of “success story” because…….. I got pregnant again and (by choice)threw all of my hard work and knowledge out the window bringing me back up, and up a little more to 252lbs(post baby). I knew once I got the “OK” from the doctor I had some work to do, and I DID IT! One day at a time, admitting to EVERYONE what I was doing and being open with my current unhealthy status gave me the sense of accountability I needed to plow through the pounds. I currently teeter between my 140’s and 150’s and feel healthier than ever. I still eat(many times not so good) but I know what it will take to counteract what I am putting in. I enjoy the Alloy + TRX classes, running is also a passion of mine as well(now that my knees can handle my current weight). Thank you JAC, the variety offered here is what makes this club perfect for everyone!

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