Success Stories

Don Swenson

I am 72 years old and before I joined the Janesville Athletic Club I’ve had A triple by-pass and three back operations, which caused me to have a Sciatic nerve problem. For three months I could hardly walk let alone get back to my normal activity. They gave me shots in the nerve and that did not work, but I just got sick of sitting home and I made up my mind to get back to the Janesville Athletic club.

I’ve been back for five months, I weighed 326 pounds then, and now I weigh 288 Pounds that’s 38 pounds since January and I owe this to the many wonderful people that encourage me to not give up, always telling me how to do the right thing so I don’t hurt myself. Even my Doctor said whatever I’m doing, keep it up. I have my blood pressure right where it should be, even my blood sugar is great. And my sciatic hardly ever bothers me, I know it is still there but now I can live with it, thanks to my yoga teachers Tamara, and Anita I can move parts that I did not know I had anymore. I also want to thank all the wonderful people that work there, they encourage me by just saying Good morning and calling us all by name it’s wonderful and I think Mark is very proud of them all.

I hope reading this will encourage those that think they could never do this, YES YOU CAN, just come and ask me. Thank you, your Friend Don.

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