Success Stories

Julie Fiebig

A year ago I had some back pain (at that time I never really exercised much- thought my playing pickleball was enough to keep me fit however I knew it was not). I went to a chiropractor for my back pain and after trying to work with my sciatica and the pain, the chiropractor referred me to get an MRI. The MRI showed a herniated disc pressing on my nerve. It was so severe, the chiropractor had me set up to speak to a neurosurgeon. I was all lined up for surgery- a very scary time to go through. Luckily, the pain in my leg and back was lessening and surgery was called off the week of. At this time I also had a Dr. apt and basically was told that if I did not do anything about my weight I would probably need to go on blood pressure medication. I felt hopeless and not in control- I was in pain and overweight. The neurosurgeon said walk, walk, walk and so that’s what I did. I walked the track and started water walking at the club. After a few weeks, I noticed I started feeling a little better so I walked even more, decided to use the treadmill, took a water aerobics class, and slowly got back into pickleball. Thankfully, Nolan grabbed me and had me try one of the Alloy classes. I would have NEVER tried it without the little push from Nolan. I LOVED it, even though I was new to “exercising” and I was sweating just standing there. The Foundations Class was great for me because I could go at my own pace. After a couple classes, I decided to sign up for Alloy Team Training. Each day, each week, I would feel stronger. Sore yes, but a good sore. Once I was confident, I tried the Afterburn class. WOW! I definitely could feel the difference. I was introduced to new trainers like Wendy, Courtney, and Steve. Met new friends and have been going ever since. The staff, trainers and instructors have all been so nice. This past winter I tried Zumba for the first time – love, love, love!, even though I am the most uncoordinated person around. I enjoy going to Abby’s Zumba class because she always has a smile on her face and teaches you step by step. Recently I signed up with Personal Trainer, Steve to train each week until summer. It has been nice to train with him because he has taught me a variety of exercises and machines, and/or weights to work on. I now feel confident I can do these at home or at the gym by myself. One of my goals is to run a 5K. I was never a runner and am simply happy when I finish a mile without stopping. Going to the gym has changed my life dramatically. Even though my weight loss is not a huge number, I am healthier, happier, and can keep up with my son when playing basketball, jogging or doing other sports–to me that is huge! I’m not as fast as him and probably never will be, but I’m right behind him with a big smile.

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