Success Stories

Kelly Posh

Since I’ve joined the Athletic Club I’ve lost 100 pounds- life changing for sure!!! People don’t even recognize me! I have gained about 12 pounds back and am working hard to get that back off. I’ve kept the weight off for about a year and a half.

I tell everyone that asks me to come to classes and how fun they are!!! I love going here and I am quite addicted to my new lifestyle. I would also like to say that I am currently 53 years old and I also battle with low thyroid. It’s never too late to make the better changes for yourself

My Dr. says that I’m a ROCK STAR because of how I did this the right way and also because of my age and thryroid issue. He said that I was one, determined lady!!!!! I forgot to add that anyone who compliments me I always hand out a guest pass and invite them to a class and I will go with them. I’ve had a few friends join and get started again.

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