Success Stories

Mike Rogers

I joined the club in April of 2010, I was 578 lbs when I joined. I received a promotional deal from my cousin Marsha to join for 3 months for $60. I started doing water aerobics classes with Glen, Penny, and Jenifer 3 times a week and, within 2 and a half years, I lost 69 pounds.

From 2013 to now I’ve lost another 269 lbs doing water classes, power pump, zumba, a little bit of training from trainers Ted, Nikki, John, Meghann, Jess, and the teachers from the classes. I’ve also done treadmills, new step, circuit training and a little of weights. I also did kettle bell which was fun.

I did have some set backs. In the last few years I gained 45 lbs back, but with the last few months re-lost 14.6 lbs bringing me to 277.4 lbs. My goal is to get to 175 lbs.

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