Success Stories

Nicholas Sperry

I weighed 340lbs when I realized I should join a gym and found JAC to be the best fit for me, joining 2 years ago. After time I was able to run a mile and continued to do that every day. I still found nutrition to be such a struggle, a few months later I decided what nutrition plan would work best for my body and cravings. I ended up going on a Keto Diet for 6 months. Between my diet and my JAC workouts I dropped 3 shirt sizes and lost 115lbs! I no longer follow the “diet” but I can now balance my eating as well as workout on a regular basis. I can breathe better and am able to run further and faster, I feel healthier and stronger. I am so happy for the changes I have made in my life and that JAC was here for me. I recommend the Janesville Athletic Club to everyone!

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