Success Stories

Steve and Jenny Schroeder

Steve’s Story-

The day after Christmas, I had a doctor’s appointment and was feeling down on myself as the overall numbers the doctor had for me weren’t very good. On the way home, I said “screw it!” and decided to sign myself up for the gym. I knew that with my upcoming 50th Birthday looming, I wanted to get in shape and do something for myself. I had also set a personal goal to sign up for a mountain bike race this coming fall and knew that I would need to get in better shape just to be able to compete. My very first workout was a spin class, which was difficult, but in the same sense, very eye opening. I knew at that time that I would need extra help and motivation as I wouldn’t be able to do this by myself. I decided to use the resources at JAC and hire a Personal trainer. Nolan has been my trainer since January and has been a great help in keeping me focused by teaching me proper eating habits as well as teaching me that a consistent weight training program would be very beneficial in reaching my overall goal of losing 20lbs.

I’m now down 43.2lbs and I feel awesome! My cardio is great, I’m gaining more strength and my mountain biking has improved drastically with my rides improving every time I hit the trails. Joining the JAC has been a great experience, as I now truly believe that anybody can achieve their goals if they stay on track and follow the guidance provided by the JAC staff.

Jenny’s story-

I’ve been a member since the beginning of 2016 and was very consistent in going to the health club. I would go on average 4 times a week, I really enjoy the group fitness classes. Because of this, my fitness level was good, but my weight wasn’t going down much. I’d lose a little here and there, but then go off the rails and gain again.

Once Steve joined the club in January, it became much easier for me to stay on track, because we were making the changes together. Steve was learning a lot from his trainer, Nolan, and I was benefiting as well. We started tracking our calories, eliminated fast food and going out to restaurants, and started weight lifting and training together on weekends. We both started seeing results, which upped our motivation to stick with it and work harder. I have lost 33lbs since January! We can now have the occasional cheat meal without feeling guilty, but usually balance it out with some physical activity. We are both in as good if not better shape than when we got married 20 years ago!

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