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Troy Welte

I was without insurance for years and had no physical for almost 20 years. I changed jobs and my new job requires yearly physicals for the health insurance coverage. The blood work results were terrible to say the least. At that point I was 232 pounds and my BMI was 34. My job requires me to hold a class A CDL. A BMI of 35 or higher requires a mandatory sleep study which costs over $3500. I made the decision to get in shape. I had a consultation with Steve for personal training and began the process on July 19th 2016 and I am down 43 pounds since. I have controlled my diet and maintain a regular exercise routine. I workout with Steve 3 times per week and 5 or 6 times on my own. Losing weight and maintaining takes discipline but is well worth the work. I am more confident and feel like a younger person. There is a down side though, I had to buy new clothes but that is a high quality problem.

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