The Evidence Proves….

The Evidence Proves....

Gyms Are Safe!!

Here at JAC we take your safety seriously.  In addition to enhanced cleaning protocols and 80,000 square feet for you to spread out in we are keeping a close eye on all of the science proving that fitness facilities are safe places to work out.  Here are a few statistics/studies which will make you feel secure in the important decision to keep your health a top priority.  Exercise reduces stress and strengthens your immune system as well as many other benefits.

  • An industry survey conducted by MXM, consisting of 2,877 Health and fitness clubs, reports a mere 1,155 cases out of 49.4 million check-ins as of August 7th.  These findings break down to an occurrence rate of .002%
  • Preliminary data collected as a part of an ongoing study at the University of Florida found no detectable SARS-Covid in the air at Gainesville Health and Fitness.
  • Colorado has released contact tracing data linking outbreaks to settings, of 31,308 total cases linked to outbreaks traced, only 10 confirmed cases resulting from an outbreak were linked to health clubs or fitness centers.
  • San Diego County, California reported county wide contact tracing data over a period of 2 weeks, from October 35-November 7.  Gyms and Fitness Centers were responsible for only .05% of cases during this window.
  • A study in Australia which included 6.2 million check ins across 423 gyms over a period of 2 months(June 13-August 13th) found zero cases of community transmission associated with gyms.
  • Across Canada out of 20 million workouts since reopening Fitness Facilities there have been only .001% rate of transmission.
  • Gyms and leisure facilities in England have seen more than 8 million visits in the first three weeks since reopening, and just 17 positive covid cases according to data from UK Active.


These are just a few of the science backed studies/statistics that confirm what we already know- gyms and fitness centers are safe, and with our enhanced protocols we are more safe than ever. Please continue to support JAC so we can be a big contributor to our community’s health and wellbeing for years to come.

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